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The Title Is "No More Tears". It Is A Prologue To A Book Regarding Domestic Violence That I Intend Writing. It Is A True Account.

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The radio hummed out some nameless tune that seemed to keep the beat with rain hitting the windscreen. She sat, fingers tapping on the steering wheel, waiting for the turning traffic to stop and the green arrow to signal it was her turn.It was then that she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise, and a feeling of cold dread spread across her whole body. Turning to the car next to her she saw him. The world around her seemed to swim and she struggled to regain her composure. He grinned that same grin that used to make her blood run cold and she saw him mouth the words that had become a daily threat five years ago when they were married. "you're dead bitch".A car horn brought her back to the present, and she saw that the green arrow signalled for her and the cars waiting behind her to turn. With an apologetic wave to the car behind her, she turned the corner and quickly pulled over to the side of the road. No matter how hard she tried, the tears she had held onto now threatened to spill down her cheeks, and her throat ached with an unreleased sob caught there by the fear and despair she felt. Her hands shook so hard she could barely lift them to brush away the tears, and her lips quivered with a movement that resembled her four year olds mouth when he was chastised for flushing yet another toy down the toilet. This thought brought a small, tremulous smile to her face, and breathing deeply, she pulled herself up straight in the seat and silently vowed that this man had destroyed her once, and she would never allow him that same chance again. She would be strong for the sake of the kids, the same as she had done that fateful night five years before.Her second marriage to a man 10 years her junior had been a mistake from the beginning. At first flattered by his attention, then entrenched in a vicious cycle of abuse and apologies, she had gone on to marry him and have more children to add to the three she had from her first marriage. Her 11 month old daughter, born two months premmie, struggled with medical and physical problems, yet never was this angel of a child without a smile on her face. God knows the atmosphere in the household did not warrant a smile from anyone, especially not this woman now six months pregnant with a son, and desperate to find a way out of this situation for her and her children. The last five years with him had been hell, her children went from bright bubbly kids to ghosts of their former selves. It broke her heart to see them like this, and she cursed herself everyday for being so weak and not standing up to him. His daily morning goodbye kiss was punctuated with the usual death threat if she dared to even consider leaving him. Her shame at allowing herself and her children to be treated like this had meant that the people around her knew nothing of her secret misery.She did not take his threat lightly, though she was sure others would say it was all just 'big talk'. She had been on the receiving end of his abuse, both...

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No More Tears

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