The Title Is "Symposium" Diotimas View On Reproduction , Love, The Nature Of Eros, And Beauty

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Eros, possibly one of the most difficult words for man to define, is cleverly studied in Plato's "Symposium". Philosophy is the most perfect form of love, in fact, since the philosopher is the lover of wisdom and wisdom is the most beautiful thing of all. The lover is intermediate between being beautiful and ugly: if he were ugly, he would have no appreciation of beauty. Diotima, in her speech, explains that while almost all kinds of desire can be considered to be Eros, is can be defined as the desire that exists between two human beings. In her speech, Diotima discussed Eros in terms of reproduction. She also discussed beauty and the nature of it. Not only this, but she also discussed sexuality.Love is not a god, according to Diotima, but is a spirit that mediates between people and objects of their desire. He is a daemon, a spirit between human and immortal. He is neither wise, nor beautiful, but is the desire for wisdom and beauty. The idea that Eros is not a selfish desire, as one might think. Instead, it is one's desire to live their lives as happily and as beautiful as possible. Also, it is to create something that will last eternally. Love is leaving one's mark on the world, attaining eternal fame thus immortality. Love can be almost selfless, through creating things that will last forever, often one creates things that better society itself. Things that man creates in his quest for immortality will seek an immortality of their own. Creation is a never-ending chain, almost like the immorality of the gods themselves.Diotima explained, or rather proved through questioning Socrates, that Eros is one's desire to have the good forever. Human beings are mortal. They cannot live forever, but naturally seek after immortality. Ideology, throughout many religions, would support the fact that many human beings seek to be as close to god as possible. Humans seek power, authority and also immortality. Our own human mortality has created love, our desire to have the good forever. Because humans are mortal, they seek after immortality in the only way that nature allows: reproduction. Humans reproduce to live forever through their offspring; their kin will keep a small part of them alive for all eternity. Through the passing of one's genes, he can live forever. The absolute goal of every being.Beauty, love and reproduction all relate to reproduction. Every man seeks after certain immortality, whether it is by physical birth of offspring or birth of famous ideas. Because man desires to bring the greatest things into life, the things that are most likely to survive, he seeks after those things that will allow him to create great things. He looks for beauty from a certain way. He finds beauty in both the body and the soul. He must find beauty, for moderation and justice reside there. Reproduction, because it is a godly and immortal affair, cannot occur where ugliness resides. Birth and reproduction, therefore, must occur in god-like beauty.Reproduction is a...

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