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The Nameless Governess In The Turn Of The Screw: Hero Or Villain? English 10 Essay

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In a country that was divided in seven kingdoms and they are fighting to
gain more territory,there is always people who is physically or emotionally
hurt, also there is Heroes in each side, some of them are honorable and
some are noble by achieving a great mission that makes them honorable.
There is one know for playing an important role when the king of Qin was
trying to unify China, his name was Nameless and he is know as a
classical hero for helping in the unification of China. His desire for
revenge brought his death but minutes before he died he helped the king
of Qin realize that he was the only one that was able to unify the country.
He was killed as assassin but honored as a Hero.
In the first scene we have Nameless walking to the
palace to see the king after he achieved “a great task”. The guards of the
palace asking to take off his clothes to check if he carries any weapons
with him. Nameless is able to see the king face to face and almost 10
feet close to him. The king starts asking Nameless how was he able to
defeat Sky. Nameless starts narrating an alternative story to make the
king think that he is by his side, but the king was able to figure out that
the whole story was fake, he figured out that Sky and Nameless were
allies and Sky did not died in the battle against Nameless, he was only
hurted and Nameless took his spear as evidence to show the king that he
defeated sky, and some of the warriors of Qin were expecting the fight
and they told the king that Nameless definitely defeated sky. Nameless
emotional quest is that he wants to get...

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