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The Nap Of The Spainards Essay

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Have you ever wished you could just take a break a nap? In some place that is actually the case. It is considered very good benefit during the work days even though you could get a possible risk of Diabetes Type 2. It is becoming extinct in some place and is changing their habits.

So many places find that siestas are good for you. It is done in many places, China, Spain, Greece, Malta, and even North Africa; even some people in America are starting to see the benefits. The most common places are Greece, Italy, Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, and Nigeria ; a great deal of that is because of the Spanish influence. Even though not all of the countries who participate in it call it a siesta, many do; some of don’t even have a name for it, they just do it. In China and Taiwan it is called a wujio. In Bangladesh and Indian Bengal it is most commonly called bhat-ghum.

The siesta means “short nap”. La siesta is a time to just take a break and rest and reflect. It comes from the Latin words “sexta hora” or sixth hour (after dawn). Traditionally the day would have begun at dawn, which me it that the sixth hour would be noon. It usually happens to be after lunch during 2:00-5:00. It’s considered to be a good siesta if you do it after you eat a good meal with friends and family before you go to sleep. Most people who take siestas eat a large lunch before going to take their nap.

Between those two times everyone is asleep, which tends to make tourists mad, so that they can rest up during the peak hours of heat. It has many benefits such as improved work by helping with sleep deprivation. It helps with productivity by 30%. It improves alertness up to a total of 100%. It can help reduce heart risks. It helps with not having as much accidents risks on the road and during work. In fact it’s in our biology to take short periods of snooze time than a large block of sleep time. Another benefit is it can help with not having restless nights. It also has a defrag effect on your brain, when you sleep it allows your brain to get rid of information you don’t need anymore. A report coming from Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN) says that it can help reduce stress and...

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