The Narrative Voice In The Lovely Bones Is It’s Unique Selling Point

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In the novel The Lovely Bones (TLB) by Alice Sebold, the narrative voice is the key technique that hooks the reader and compels him or her to turn over the page. While the author uses a number of other literary techniques to draw the reader in, it is the narrator’s voice that is this novel’s most interesting and appealing feature. The narrative voice in this novel is unique to other novels because the narrator is a girl named Susie Salmon who is speaking from heaven. This is a distinctive point in the novel because it gives us the story from the perspective from others and we experience themes in the book that we never experienced before.

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An excellent example of Susie changing the thoughts of others from the other side is when she appears in the window that her father is looking out of. This gives him hope that his daughter is still out there somewhere and it leaves him wanting to find her, or at least figure out what happened to his daughter. This shows the reader that Susie’s father loved her deeply and because of this love of his daughter, when he went into a fit of frustration smashing his own model ships, which were a memory of what he and his own father did together, he left the one model ship that he and Susie made together. This could be of the love of his daughter or that he didn’t want to lose another piece of her because of the fear that she would never return to him.

Finally Susie Salmon is watching over the people that she was influenced by when she was alive and because she is speaking from the in-between she can interpret what they are feeling and thinking about her and her sudden death. This is one of the most unique selling points of this book, as other novels have never delved into this kind of writing before. The use of juxtaposition between the Earth, a place where people are restricted to the rules that are set out and the After-Life, a world where absolutely anything is possible is a key...

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