The Narrow Prospect Of North Korea

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The Narrow Prospect of North Korea

The fate of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, one of the few remaining communist countries, lies in the hands of rulers who have abused their power, limiting the freedoms of the people and creating a single-minded administration. Although it carries the potential to be as prosperous as South Korea, North Korea is unfortunately constrained because the Communist party has heavily focused on its military and nuclear power, while ignoring other vital aspects such as its economic prosperity and the interests of its people. Since the Cold War, the Soviet Union has influenced North Korea which has trapped it in a political situation that affirms its notorious reputation of abuse, restrictions, and precarious risks. Kim II Sung, who ruled from 1948 until his death in 1994, his son Kim Jong-II, who inherited supreme power, and the Communist Korean Worker’s Party (KWP) have been the decision makers of the entire country, holding the responsibility of determining its prospect. Therefore, as a result of North Korea’s political alignment with the Soviet Union, communism in North Korea perpetuates famine, facilitates militarization, and threatens neighboring countries.
The surrender of Japan in World War II in August 1845 led to the immediate division of Korea in which the United States administered the south and USSR controlled north of the 38th parallel after the Korean War (Korea North). This has resulted in the establishment of two separate nations with significantly different economic and social systems. However, the most significant discrepancy is their political systems as the United States exercises a democratic-style governmental control while the Soviet Union implements a Communist government (“Communism”). North Korea’s adoption of the Soviet Union’s approach to controlling its nation has hindered tremendous prosperity since the communist party and the presidents have selfishly contained the majority of the power, acting almost as a one-party dictatorship. Their hunger for supremacy has motivated them to abuse their authority in order to suffice their craving for nuclear and military power at the risk of degrading the people’s welfare and corrupting the nation.
The KWP and North Korea’s disregard of being accounted for individual lives have impacted millions of North Koreans’ health due to famine and malnutrition. According to Miller, the floods in 1995 destroyed agricultural harvests, further deteriorating North Korea’s already low food supply. Later, by 1996, the economy virtually collapsed, causing North Korea to constantly be taking desperate measures to acquire food aid to this day. Trevor Page, chief of the UN World Food Program office in Pyongyang witnesses that “[there was] not a cabbage to be seen” when visiting one of the country’s prime food-producing areas (Miller). The suffering of the vast amount of people implicates resentment of the civilians to the authorities because...

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