The Country Club College Inhibition Of Eudaimonia

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The Country Club College- Inhibition of Eudaimonia
Adding food coloring to drinking water will not enhance its nutritional value. Also, an emphasis on enhancing the coloring, at the cost of clean water, will degrade the function of water to provide nourishment. This same logic applies to education. In articles written by the New York Times, Inside Higher Ed, and Brookings, colleges across the country are spending increasing dollars on recreational facilities and administration than on its academics. According to Aristotle, these actions will stifle the very purpose of education, to create an informed citizenry, and degrade the quality of society. As a consequence, these ornamentations to recreation is immoral and immoderate (a vice). This paper will explain these colleges practices, their impact on society, and its moral implications. Following, Aristotle's ethical principles will serve as a guide to morality and provide a proper solution.
In the article, "Sharing of College Spending for Recreation is Rising", San Dillon revealed the deliberate choice by American colleges to cut education for recreational facilities and administration. Consequently, increasing stratification in higher education has occurred between private colleges and universities (at the top), public universities, and community colleges. This economic stratification was highlighted in an analysis by the non-profit, Delta Cost Project, which pressures for affordable college tuition. According to their report, while America has the "world's wealthiest postsecondary education", it possessed "more economic stratification than any other country," (Dillon). For example, while community colleges spent approximately $10,000 per student, private institutions invested on average more than three times that amount. Community colleges also experienced the highest growth in student enrollment, from 5 million in 1998 to 6.3 million in 2008. By comparison, private institution enrollment only increased by 2 million students (from 1.8 million) over that same period. Consequently, an increasing percentage of American students will be receiving less financial investment, from their academic institutions, than their private school counterparts (Dillon).
Combined with increasing enrollment and less student investment, public research universities implemented on average an 45% increase in tuition compared to a 21% rise for their private counterparts. Instead of placing a majority state in student instruction, this extra revenue funded non-academic areas, which included intramural athletics, student union buildings and athletic centers. Professor Vedder of Ohio University described this phenomenon as " 'the country-clubization of the American university, ' " (Dillon). This national wide trend can be found in all levels of education, but exemplified by public research universities. In these programs, payments for students services experiences a 20% increased while student instruction rose only...

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