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The Nation Is Aware Of The Abolotionist Movement

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The nation suddenly became alert, the nation suddenly had an opinion, and the nation suddenly cares. The abolitionist movement had a great impact on the nation. The abolitionist movement got the nation’s attention unlike the anti-slavery movement. The anti-slavery movement and the abolitionist movement have the same idea but each have a different purpose. There were many staunch supporters to Abolitionism, being stern and uncompromising enemies of slavery. Anti-Abolitionism, almost costing William Lloyd Garrison his life, also persuaded some members of the movement that they needed a stronger approach to get their point across.
Anti-slavery and abolitionism were not always the same thing. Anti-slavery really cared about keeping slavery out of their territory and keeping it a country for whites. This is where the idea of them standing for free soil came from. William Lloyd Garrison called them white-manism. The ACS organized by white Virginians trying to compromise a gradual freeing of slaves, fund raising through private charity or funds appropriated by state legislatures for the slaves’ masters. The American Colonization Society would then export the slaves out the country and help them find a new society on their own somewhere else. The ACS started to die out private or public funding wasn’t enough to pay the master and move the slaves out of the country. The African Americans themselves started to disagree with the ACS, they did not want to move to a land they knew nothing about, and many of them were now three or more generations removed from Africa. By 1830 the ACS failed to meet their goal which seemed to be to keep the west a country for whites. Abolitionist cared not only for the slaves’ freedom they cared about them being able to get on their feet and having a job. Free blacks in the north did not have it easy they lived in poverty often worse than the actual slaves in the south. They had no access to education, there were only few states where they could vote, and they had little access to the most menial jobs. Most worked as domestic servants with little pay and some were kidnapped by whites and forced back into slavery. Northern blacks were proud of their freedom and they still cared about the members in their race still stuck in slavery, and they knew they would never accepted in the nation if slavery still existed. Abolitionists were also aware of that and they wanted to help the slaves and free blacks.
William Lloyd Garrison use to be an assistant to the New Jersey Quaker, Benjamin Lundy, who published the anti-slavery newspaper at the time, the genius of universal emancipation, in Baltimore. Garrison felt the same repulsion as Lundy felt towards slavery, but he...

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