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The Nation Under The Articles Of Confederation

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The Nation Under the Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation from the period 1781 till 1789 would be
a period least effective of a government according to the fully
oppositional Constitution that came right after the articles. The
effectiveness of a government contains the factors such as economy,
political, and foreign policy. Based on these, one could base a
government as being worthwhile effective or an absolute mishap of

Based on factual history, the economy of the states, under the
articles of confederation, was brought down based on their lack of
taxation & control of trade, and its debts. Without a united power the
states themselves had to deal with exporting and the importing goods.
The estimated market value of the states' exports during the time
period of the articles could be compared to the population growth that
continued to grow while their income on exports hindered. The taxation
that occurred on imports drastically penetrated states such as Rhode
Island, as mentioned in a letter to Congress, where economy is much
based on the importation. John Jay's instructions to the US minister
to Great Britain pertained to the problem of not being able to pay
debts showed many problems which arose from it, and also the weak
state divided trade powers. The economy during this time period
created a debt not only foreign but domestically with its own people,
such as the military by which the delegate Joseph Jones brought up
through a letter to Washington. These examples of general problems
during the articles also tended to create disasters on lower scales
throughout the then weak country.

Also to aid in judging between effectiveness would be its political
organization at the time of the writing of the articles. The

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