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The Government Should Not Censor Internet Pornography

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With such a large number of people
connected to the Internet, concerns for the safety of viewers have
arisen, especially in the area of adult pornography. Many of the
people who oppose adult pornography have advocated a law requiring
Internet filters that restrict access to all pornographic material on
the Internet. However, a law that requires Internet filters for all
citizens are not the best solutions because there is insufficient
justification to implement them and that many problems would occur
from their implementation.

The filtering of adult pornography on the Internet is not justifiable
for a myriad of different reasons. First, children can be protected
from accidentally viewing pornography through more convenient
solutions than a law requiring Internet filters. Secondly, there is
insufficient evidence showing the negative effects of adult
pornography on the adult population to warrant an Internet filter that
restricts all Internet pornography websites. Thirdly, the first
amendment rights given to every citizen would be violated by a law
calling for Internet filters. Finally, Internet filters may not only
block adult pornography websites, but may also block legal and
informative websites.

To protect children from accidentally viewing adult pornography on the
Internet, a law that requires Internet filters is not the best
solution. As the numbers of pornographic websites continue to grow and
grow, protection is indeed needed. However, this protection could be
provided through more convenient and less restrictive methods, rather
than through a law requiring Internet filters. The easiest solution
would be for parents to monitor younger children while on the
Internet. Parental supervision would be able to direct children away
from pornography websites and protect them from any potential harm
(Hacker). This guidance would also educate the children so that when
they become older, they would learn what to avoid on the Internet and
how to protect themselves from accidentally viewing pornography in
case parents are not available to supervise. A second solution to
prevent children from accidentally viewing pornography would be to
install filtering software on private computers. Filtering software is
currently available on the market and can easily restrict all unwanted
websites (Wade). Many different filtering programs, such as
CYBERsitter, Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, BESS, X-Stop, SmartFilter, and
SafeSurf are all available for use on private computers (Miner). By
using private Internet filters, rather than a government implemented
Internet filter, individual families can decide what they deem as
appropriate and inappropriate, instead of having a restrictive blanket
pressed impressed on every person. A third solution would be laws
requiring adult pornography websites to be...

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