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The National Period Essay

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I believe the term “Melting Pot” is an accurate description of the American People, however as Hector St. John de Crevecoeur originally intended for this term to only include the mix of Europeans that came to America, it is incorrect.
Prior to the Revolution, the colonial population of Americans agreed on one thing, their allegiance to Britain. When America gained its independence from Britain, the defining terms of Americans were a bit jumbled and undefined. With the help of the Constitution, the American people were better able to identify themselves. The destiny of America lay in the hands of its “people” and so the Constitution was written. The Constitution defined three groups of ...view middle of the document...

White European descent does not accurately portray “individuals of all nations” as he specifically detailed. It is only by pure blindness and closed-mindedness that the “melting pot” of Americans are considered to be those individuals with pure European descent.
I do believe that America is accurately described by St. John de Crevecoeur as a “melting pot” but for different reasons. He is correct in stating, “The American left behind ‘all his ancient prejudices and manners [and received] new ones from the new mode of life he has embraced’” (Foner 276) though I believe it to be a contradictory statement. Slaves were taken from their homes and made to embrace their new life in America, if they decided not, they would face cruel punishment. Therefore, St. John de Crevecoeur by his own reasoning should include slaves as those considered American. I also believe that though Indians were not considered American, they were allowed to dwell on American land and were also offered an exclusive invitation to enjoy American “liberties”, therefore, if they chose to conform they too are to be...

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