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The National Trust Organization Essay

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The national trust was founded in 1895. It protects over 350 historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments. This organisation is a charity which does not rely funds from government but depends on membership fees and donations from members.
"We're a charity that works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces – for ever, for everyone." (National trust 2013)
This report will be based on an analysis of the national trust organisation, the external audit will be examined using the pestle analysis and porters 5 forces, whilst the internal audit will be interpreted by engaging with the marketing mix. Furthermore the report will also include a swot analysis and recognise the ...view middle of the document...

It also aims to target 50percent of their own energy and make it renewable by 2020, this will be carefully fitted which will not affect the heritage sites in their care so it will be safe and assuring to their members.
In terms of health and safety the national trust organisation has very close links with Swindon borough and the health and safety executive (HSE). However customers who visit these sites are responsible for their own safety. But the charity avoids restriction on access from peoples enjoyment and freedom
The charity will aim to reduce their fossil fuels for heat and electricity by 50% by 2020, in order to this they will be conserving energy, growing their own electricity and heart, getting off oil and energy inspiration.
National trust has no competition because they are unique in what they do and what they have offer to the public
Porters 5 forces
The Porter's Five Forces tool is a quick and effective tool for understanding where the main control lies within the company. This is useful, because it helps you recognise the strength of your competitive position, and the strength of a position you're deciding to move into.

Marketing mix
The marketing mix is used to evaluate how an organisation can balance the four key essentials of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Boom and Bitner (1980) state that the four Ps did not address all areas of the marketing strategy. These services they also mention are physical evidence, people and process in...

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