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The Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles

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Bernard Pyun

Anthropology 100 MW 8:00~9:30am

Field trip report extra credit

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Today I visited the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County located in downtown Los Angeles. I've been to the coliseum several times but I never knew the existence of the museum. I was quite surprised to discover such a great collection of museums nearby. I only been to the Getty's museum in the states and this was my first time visiting a natural history museum. I visited the museum on Sunday with my girlfriend which by the way was a great date course which I highly recommend for students. We enjoyed our visit and got to explore the rose garden and the science museum (which was my favorite) and also the African American museum. The African museum was free but did not allow us to take photographs. I was disappointed because there was some interesting stuff that I really wanted to photograph. It was quite convenient since all the museum was close by. I didn't know what to expect since it was my first time ever to visit a natural history museum. I wasn't even aware of what a Natural history museum was. But I was eager to find out. The museum was holding a Bug exhibition during our visit. Due to the special event a lot of the area was transformed in to market place where they sold different types of live bugs and souvenirs. The museum was over crowded with misbehaved children running around and being loud. I understand it was a special event but it wasn't the best experience. I really wanted to come at a quite day where I could take time on taking notes and not be distracted by little boys running around like monkeys. Besides I wasn't a big fan of creepy crawlers. Due to the special event almost half of the1st floor was closed. And a lot of areas were closed due to reconstruction for new exhibits like the insect zoo. Other than that, the museum itself was fabulous. The museum carried numerous artifacts and information. I noticed the huge bones of T-Rex displayed in the middle of the museum just like in the movie Jurassic park which was...

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