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You cannot walk down the street, ride a bus, watch television, surf the web, or read your email without being bombarded by advertisements. In the blink of an eye, we gaze at thousands upon thousands of adverts because it is a fundamental part of our daily lives. It is first and foremost a form of mass communication that is used to encourage or persuade its audience to purchase their goods or services. The marketer’s intention is to increasingly blur the fine line between what the audience wants and needs and if a business fails to construct an identity, their chances of building up a consumer audience is slim to none. Hence, promoting false needs are a necessary evil because this is simply part of the marketer’s job, a job that financially supports millions of its employees. As buyers, we are partially responsible for supporting these jobs by contributing to their businesses and as sellers we have built this economy from the ground up that will continue to stand the test of time. Finally, as a nation we are faced with serious issues primarily pertaining to health, crime, and the environment. Sometimes our judgment is clouded with ignorance, which thus raises the ultimate question of how we approach ignorance? Simple, the answer is to fight ignorance by raising awareness to prevalent societal problems. Furthermore, it is incorrect to assume we have no control over our lives, as if we are mindless robots purely ruled by persuasion and manipulation. The moment when we question if we really should buy something or perhaps even want it illustrates how we inherit the power to withstand from false needs. As mentioned earlier, sellers cannot succeed without its buyers and in consequence, rivalry occurs between multiple parties. Increased competition generates different products and services available to us and with the information they provide, we decide what is most favorable to us. The media is a powerful force that can influence groups into buying false needs, but in no way shape or form do they overshadow the benefits advertising has on our economy. Therefore, the false needs generated through advertising are extremely weak in comparison to the stimulated demand it creates for consumerism and economic growth because it generates jobs, raises awareness for social causes, and leaves us to make a final informative and valued choice.
A a multi-billion dollar enterprise and engine for economic growth, advertising drives the economy by generating high income for businesses and creating more job opportunities for 18.2 million of the 126.7 million careers across America (WFA, 2008). The key factor in a free market economy is that adverts produce demand in people, and people with demand are eager to buy. In fact, whether we are buyers or sellers we pay for advertising daily. As the sellers directly pay for their products to be advertised, we indirectly pay a percentage of these adverts in the brands we buy. Historically, the media has played a significant...

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