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As we grow older, we start to construct and develop ourselves. The way we dress, talk and act in public, to what we do at home. All of this is determined by a term called identity, which helps us shape who we are as people. This is decided based on our surrounding such as family, friends, society, all the way to the internal chances, like our behavior which help shape out personality. Some people might not know who they are, they could still be finding themselves, but might not know if being themselves is something they can do. Moreover, they could be trying to fit into someone elses shoes trying to be something they are not. Which is why we try hardest to shape our identity but in the end, it is hard to find out who we are because all we want to do is just fit into what society tells us we should be.
There are many factors that can determine how a person is viewed from the prospective of others. You can let people see you in a certain identity, while your internal identity is not show to the other persons naked eye. However, sometimes while pretending to be someone on the outside your subconscious mind begins to become that without even knowing. This is shown threw Zarchary Graff from “Life After High School”, who shows people how much he loves Sunny, he even tells her how much he loves her but at the end of the short story he turns out being homosexual. He tried being as normal as possible thinking that something was wrong with him because of his preference in men, and as time went on he actually began to think he loved Sunny because of who he was trying to portray on the outside. People begin to be someone they are not simply because others want them to be that. Barbara Burhman from “Life After High School”, since elementary school has been called Sunny, with that name came an identity of sweet Sunny. She built up this reputation to show how happy, sweet and innocent she was although there really was no difference between Barbara and Sunny to begin with. She was just something others wanted her to be and she couldn't figure out if being herself was something that could come to be. Some people however can find a way out like Miss. Brill who was not affect by being different, she found her internal and external identities to be almost the same, but still a lot of people found it hard to see her express herself with her fur coat. Your identity can also be determine by what others think of you, like your family, friends and society. Being around your friends you will act different then you would if you were with your mother. It is natural because we have multiple identities for different people. We are just comfortable with our friends and we have the tendency to show are happy, natural and comfortable side to them. Your friends have a huge impact on who you are as a person, due to the fact that in school who ever you hang with forms you. If you hang with the druggies, more then likely you will act like a druggy too. If you hang with the popular...

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