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The Nature Of Sexual Attraction. What Makes A Human Attractive/Unattractive.

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Since the earliest days of the Paleolithic Era, humans have had a specific attraction toward others of their own kind. Intentionally, those feelings are actually a part of nature that homo sapiens share with all other members of Kingdom Animalia who reproduce sexually. While many will argue that sexual attraction is controlled by a sex gland or society, the truth is that it is determined by a pea-sized gland, ironically located on the brain, called the hypothalamus.
The hypothalamus regulates homeostasis. It controls many emotions and feelings naturally needed for survival. When the hypothalamus is informed of a condition, it secretes chemicals and hormones to the blood stream to signal the body for an innate and necessary response. Hunger, thirst, self-defense, and sexual reproduction are included in that list of important sensations. Just like the brain tells an organism when it is hungry, it also signals the body to react when an attractive being walks by. "The heart pounds, the muscles tense; he or she feels dizzy and light headed," ( The creature also usually feels an urge to attempt to mate. It is widely known, yet scarcely recognized, that -- despite race and ethnicity -- the same kind of people are strikingly attractive or unattractive to almost everyone. While this detail is acknowledged, the reason for it is typically unheard of. The truth comes from nature; the motive for a good judgment of sexual attraction is to have good reproductive sense. Humans, among other animals, naturally seek a young, healthy, well-reproducing mate. Likewise, organisms are repelled — consciously or not — by unsightly others. From an oblivious point of view, it would be fair to blame this coincidence on society, however studies have proved this hypothalamus theory. "Babies ranging from 3 to 6 months old stared at pictures of faces that adults had also agreed were attractive significantly longer than at less attractive ones, regardless of race, gender, or age,"( While few variances exist, all humans find the same others appealing or bleak.
Though the standards for good-looking humans are generally the same, men's standards are clearly different from women's. Males, human or not, have minimal criteria for sexual desire because their role in nature is simply to impregnate as many females as possible to pass on as many of their genes as possible ( Men normally prefer youthful women -- those well past puberty, yet young enough to care for children for a number of years. The favored clear, smooth skin signifies good health while acne, moles, scars, etc. could indicate possible ailment. Big, wide-set eyes are superior because they, too, are simply healthy looking. A slim waist and fit body tell the male species that the woman is in shape, well, and strong. Wide hips and/or large rump inform males that the woman is mature enough to maintain a pregnancy. Men are clearly attracted to perky breasts, which point toward...

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