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The Nature Of The Jurors Of 12 Angry Men

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To place multiple men in a room to decide the fate over a criminal can lead to many biases being expressed in means to back up one's opinion on the case. The personal predilections & biases made by some individuals who happen to be part of a jury can ultimately either place an innocent man in jail or let a guilty man run free. The Reginald Rose play Twelve Angry Men shows just how dangerous it is for jurors to bring their personal agendas to the table through the bigoted biases of Juror 10 and the hatred of kids through Juror 3. However, besides the famed Juror 8, two other jurors for lack of a better term "neutralize" the jury room situation taking place in the play with their ...view middle of the document...

He praises Juror 8 for choosing not to stand with the majority, saying how "It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone even if you believe in something very strongly."** He states that "He (Juror 8) left the verdict up to us. He gambled for support and I gave it to him"**, which shows how the case meant to him. He most likely, with Juror 8, felt uncomfortable with letting what could have been an innocent man into the chair. Juror 9 is a very honest and straight-forward man who wouldn't take nonsense and who is not afraid to go against a majority, despite what everyone else thought. He wanted to make sure the trial didn't just end there; he wanted the non-guilty verdict to be heard.Hailing from a country that lacked the freedoms America had and still has, Juror 11 also serves as another different figure who obviously experienced a more unique upbringing than any of the other jurors. Juror 11 is characterized as a humble man who would put justice as his top priority in a case such as this, seeing how such was absent in his old country. He, like Juror 8, is concrete about his statement and shows heavy passion in the fact that he lives in a country that allows the opportunity for a "jury of one's peers" to even exist. At the beginning of Act III, he voices his compliments to his current nation for summoning him and the other jurors to "decide on the guilt or innocence of a man; of a man we had not known before. We have nothing to gain...

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