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Gunshots fired, glass shattered, blood everywhere, cattle cars, concentration camps, gas chambers, deaths. What happened to the Jews of Hungary at Auschwitz? In the 1940s Hungary put anti-Jewish laws into place. These laws required Jews to be separate from other people. They went as far as not allowing Jews to go to the same school with other people and not letting Jews get married to other people. As of 1941 the Jewish population in Hungary was 825,000. Germany wanted Hungary to deport Hungarian Jews however Hungary refused due to political reasons. By 1944 German forces occupied Hungary. In May 1944 the Nazi’s were rounding up the Hungarian Jews to put them on trains and deport them to concentration camps. The Jewish population in Hungary decreased to 255,000 in 1944. In 1942 Auschwitz became the largest site for the murder of Jews and more than 1.1 million men, women, and children lost their lives here-most were Jews. Adolf Eichmann was the one who was in charge of the deportation of Hungarian Jews. Between May 14 and July 9, approximately 440,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau.
The SS administration was trying to prepare for the arrival of a mass amount of Hungarian Jews. They wanted to expand the extermination machinery (Braham). They wanted to be able to kill Jews faster than their normal pace. How could they be so cruel and cold hearted to want to kill Hungarian Jews? They were reinforced and “experts” were called in to oversee the operations (Braham). The “experts” were Karl Hocker, Rudolf Hoss, Otto Moll, and Richard Bar (Braham). What they did was they increased the groups of prisoners responsible for working the gas chambers (Braham). Moll renovated the crematoriums (Braham). The crew made furnaces reline and chimneys strengthen (Braham). Eichmann was mainly in charge of the supplies (Czech). He needed a total of such 111 such trains (Czech). Holl ordered that the expansion of three track rail connection in Birkenau be sped up (Czech). Other supplies that the “experts” had bought were shovels from the D.A.W. and gas from the Degesch Company (Czech). Hoss also wanted inactive cremation ovens in crematorium five to be put in operation, and wanted Bunker two to be put back into operation (Czech). Eichmann thought that without all these preparations, facilities can’t keep up with the amount of Hungarian Jews that will be coming to the camps (Czech). In the middle of May four transports, each with 3,000 Hungarian Jews, were to be taken daily (Czech). What will the reaction of the Jews be once they find out what they will have to soon go through at the concentration camps?
Within all these people affected by the Holocaust one Hungarian Jew survivor, Clara Grossman had explained her emotions and journey throughout the Holocaust. Clara Grossman lived in Nyirbator, Hungary in her early life. Her journey throughout the Holocaust had happened to her when she was only fourteen years old though. She was born on...

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