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The Nbhs Leadership League Essay

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There are many goals of our club. They all are based on NBHS’s mission statement and goals.

Our club will . . .
- Build civic and social responsibility
o Civic responsibility through community service
• Community Round Up (Last Saturday of October)
• Night to Care (First Friday of December)
• Matt’s Mission 5K Volunteering (Typically in May)
o Social responsibility through hosting community forums
• Discussing a topic concerning schools (ie. Bullying, plagiarism, etc.)
• Discussing positive aspects of schools (marketing for NBPS)
• Educate students on voting rights
• Educate students on world issues (including advisory activities)
- Extenuate positive environment by teaching about acceptance, inclusion, and invitation
o Hold advisory workshops
o Invite students to leadership opportunities hosted by club
- Teach about how to make a difference
o Hold skillshops concerning 100 out of the 147 leadership skills
o Apply skills through interactive, pre-planned situations (experiential learning)
- Create teams, not groups
o Teaching how everyone in a team has a position
o Work towards common goals
o Apply skills to events listed under civic and social responsibilities
o Learn how titles do not indicate leadership

The club will be an enrichment course for students including gifted and talented. We will learn about . . .
- Energizers, name games, and ice breakers
- How to create a retreat/ conference/ seminar (nuts and bolts)
- How to facilitate a meeting/ workshop
- Team building
- Applied reflection (self-reflection)
- Feedback
o Assertiveness
o Advocacy
- The 7 C’s of a team
o change, citizenship, common purpose, collaboration, controversy with civility

Celebration is an important piece of achievement. After midterms, students will be recognized for their excellence in leadership through 4 types of awards, 1 of which will be given at the end of the school year in May. None of the awards will cost NBPS money.
The awards categories are . . .

o The Querfeld Award for Excellence in Advanced Leadership
• This award is dedicated to Mrs. Sara Querfeld who has left an impression of exceeding expectations for many years in the North Branford School District. The student recipient will have gone above and beyond the expectations of the club to make a difference in and for North Branford.
o The Stoeffler Award for Excellence in Civic Leadership
• This award is dedicated to Mr. Todd Stoeffler who has demonstrated civic responsibility for North Branford High School. In 2012, he became the...

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