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The green flag drops on the first race in The National Dirt Racing Association(NDRA). It doesn’t matter where people go, on some little road in a small town, people will find a small dirt track. The speedways are mostly always located in city areas where a large amount of people live. After a weekend of racing the teams head to the shop to fix the car up again. Despite the fact, that racing had been around since before 1978; whenever Mr. Robert Smawley introduced NDRA, and later Mr. Bill France introduced NASCAR, more people paid attention to the sport of racing.
Dirt track racing is exactly what is says; dirt racing is a type of auto-racing that takes place on an oval dirt track (“What Dirt?”). The National Dirt Racking Association was formed in 1978, by Mr. Robert Smawley. Smawley was born and raised in Kingsport, Tennessee. Smawley promoted his first race in Newport, Tennessee. He gave the winner (the first to finish the 100 lap race) $10,000 (“In”).
In the year of 1923, Mr. Johnnie Hoskins introduced the first dirt track race. He introduced dirt track racing with motorcycles. Hoskins began the speedway in Australia (“History”). The finest year in NDRA history was in 1980. There were 449 different drivers from twenty-nine different states. They raced at thirteen different tracks. The NDRA was the only national circuit for late model dirt racing (1980). When the NDRA first started the first person to have a three number car was Leon Archer. Archer stated “that the NDRA was the best thing that ever happened to dirt track racing” (NDRA).
It takes an abundance of responsibility to be a part of a racing team. An interview was conducted with Mr. Ricky weeks and he stated what he does as a driver. “The team begins a new week after the race that weekend. On Mondays the team washes the car; clean the trailer, wheels, and anything else they had gotten muddy that weekend. They have to check the main oil filter for the oil system, if the filters are damaged that will give signs that something is wrong internally. If something was to be wrong they pull the engine out and take it to the engine builder. The team makes a checklist to go by. The people who work with Ricky, their responsibility is to go through the checklist and make sure everything is right. If the team have body parts that got messed up they have to go through and fix them all. The races set-up the car on Thursdays. The workers spend all day getting it ready.” Motors cost from $35,000-$50,000, thats why drivers hope they don’t have motor problems. “To win a race it feels like the greatest thing thats ever been, other than having a child. Most racers lest a lot but since Ricky and his team have jobs and only can work on the car at night so they don’t test that much. Ricky has won more than 500 races. On some nights its the hardest thing you ever did in your life, but on the nights you win your grandma could drive the car. His dad got him started in racing;...

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