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According to a poll question that was conducted in 2012 by, about 93% of Graphic Designers agreed to the statement that the Graphic Design industry is in bad shape and do not know where the discipline is headed. The root of Graphic Design is communication of an idea through art or graphics. And it has been in human history for the longest time, from cave drawings to hieroglyphs and from physical prints to the digital media. It has become a well-established industry but many of those who have been working as graphic designers for years see that it is heading nowhere, and that it has sustainability issues. But because the industry is adaptable, has economic advantages and because there is a great need of appealing and enticing art that communicates, the Graphic Design industry will develop, prosper and stand out of other creative industries since adaptable, economically advantageous and essential industries that offers a service that no other will, will develop, succeed and stand out.
Senior Graphic Designers feel that that industry is on its way to its inevitable failure. Veteran Graphic Designers have expressed their concern for the industry as they see that other creative industries such as, Game Design, Motion Picture, Animation and Fashion are outgrowing the Graphic Design industry in terms of its popularity and demand in society. That the industry that was once considered important in corporations and even “had a seat in the Board Table, so to speak” (Tortorella), is losing its real value. According to the poll, Graphic Designers these days feel devalued by their client base, especially big corporations (, because clients often undermine their creativity and skill. They feel that clients are asking too much of Graphic Designers, because they expect “a print designer, web designer and developer, multi-media designer, animator, videographer and project manager rolled into one.” (Tortorella) making specializations no longer considered to be a great feat for a designer to have. And with this expectation they are paid with a considerably low salary. They also feel that “Graphic Design fails to register as a necessary activity in the radar of key areas of society and businesses.” (Poynor). They say that since the development and sale of new technology and new programs such as the Creative Suite, there would be no need for Graphic designers as other people can do what Graphic Designers do for a living but for a cheaper cost. Those who are in the industry are starting to doubt if the industry is still needed. But in actuality, Graphic Designers are still considered as an important industry by society and as well as other industries. Graphic Designers are very adaptable to their environment. And Graphic Designers are trained to be problem solvers. It has some economic advantage, and can be recession-proof. Lastly the graphic design industry is a business oriented creative industry.
Graphic Designers are...

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