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The Future Of Responsible Journalism Essay

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In trying to attract new audiences, news media have begun to transition from reporting to becoming a form of entertainment. With the meteoric rise of social media’s role as a news source, the fight for an increase of diversity in the media, and the ever-growing desire of immediate content, the future of responsible journalism is more important than ever. Ask yourself, why do I think the way I do? Where do my political views originate? How do I prove them? Most likely, it is due to the biased portrayal of issues in the media and the politicization that accompanies what we consume. Now, compare your views to your preferred news reporting entity. More than likely, they are the same.

“Power is the ability to define reality and to have other people respond to your definition as if it were their own (Nobles).” People fail to see responsible journalism as a crisis because it is so convenient to have news media make up your mind for you. The foundation of our personal philosophies stems from irresponsible journalism through the major news sources we consume, the exposure to less responsible entertainment, and the biased reporting enforcing negative stereotypes.

First, let’s delve into our first claim: The foundation of our personal philosophies stem from irresponsible journalism through the major news sources we consume. The focus here are the news sources we consume and how it is the foundation of our personal and political ideologies. The majority of our personal and political philosophies are a snowball effect from the major news sources we consume. Now, this is not a complicated concept. We watch news networks that line up with our political views. Simple as that, but why? The focus here is why do we watch these channels? An article written by Dr. Jeffrey P. Jones, a researcher that focuses on the intersection of politics and pop culture, looks at Fox News and the performance of their political ideology, he states, “In this instance, audience representation refers not to the notion of the press as stand-in for the public but, instead, to the notion of reflecting audience desires in the realm of values and beliefs—thus. Fox News enacts a form of political representation through ideology (Jones 178-185).” Fox News acts as a verifiable source of validation because it broadcasts stories that enact your values and beliefs. Fox News validates its conservatism by contending that it serves as a “counterweight (Jones 178-185)” to the liberalism of mainstream news media outlets. Subconsciously, you watch these major news networks to confirm your beliefs. We all need validation from a source to feel accepted. Now, the snowball begins to form.

Now, let’s delve into our next claim: The exposure to less responsible entertainment affects our personal philosophies. In order for the snowball to become a juggernaut, it needs momentum. The momentum is the exposure to less responsible entertainment. How does being exposed to less responsible entertainment...

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