The Necessary Inclusion Of Cyber Bullying Legislation In Canada

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In Canada, the emergence of bullying has risen to new heights as advancements in technology have allowed almost anybody to conduct harmful acts against another person while maintaining vast amounts of anonymity (Shariff, Cyber-Bullying: Issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home, 2008; Li, Cyberbullying in Schools: A Research of Gender Differences, 2006; Shariff & Jaishankar, Cyber Bullying: A Transnational Perspective, 2009; Froese-Germain, 2008). Cyberbullying is broadly defined as any type of harm that is inflicted upon a victim via electronic means (Bonanno & Hymel, 2013; Shapka & Law, 2013; Li, Cyberbullying in High Schools: A Study of Students' Behaviours and Beliefs about This New Phenomenon, 2010; Cappadocia, Craig, & Pepler, 2013) Outlining the harsh effects of cyber-bullying, while showcasing potential legislation and current bills and acts while understanding teachers and parents roles, and analyzing the drawbacks and advantages to enacting cyber-bullying legislation will reinforce and address the unsolved issue of Cyberbullying. Thus, an analysis of the harsh effects, issues, and remedies of cyber-bullying is necessary to understand and reinforce the notion for proposed cyber-bullying legislation in Canada.
The cyber-bullying epidemic is the more modern version of traditional bullying that involves physical aggression, verbal intimidation and exclusion while maintaining a constant power imbalance between the victim and bully themselves (Ng, 2012; Shariff, Cyber-Bullying: Issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home, 2008) Most often, youth who are victimized by cyber-bullies feel threatened, whether it is emotionally, psychologically and even physically (Ng, 2012; Shariff, Cyber-Bullying: Issues and solutions for the school, the classroom and the home, 2008). One empirical statistic that proves that cyber-bullying and bullying are serious problems and that they need to be stopped is showcased throughout a study conducted by Li (2006), as approximately 25% of the people studied were victims of cyber-bullying, while about half of the students studied were traditional bullying victims themselves (Li, Cyberbullying in Schools: A Research of Gender Differences, 2006; Shariff & Jaishankar, Cyber Bullying: A Transnational Perspective, 2009). From this research, traditional bullying is not only still occurring, but now almost half the victims involved in traditional bullying have to deal with cyber-bullies as well. It also tremendously difficult to combat cyber-bullies, as a victim, by one’s self. Various studies have also concluded that friends have aided victims in dealing with bullies, while not having friends is more of a catalyst for victimization (Cappadocia, Craig, & Pepler, 2013; Li, Cyberbullying in High Schools: A Study of Students' Behaviours and Beliefs about This New Phenomenon, 2010). The gender of the victims of cyber-bullies is also of interest to many researchers conducting analyses....

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