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The Necessity Of Car Insurance Essay

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The Necessity of Car Insurance
A few days ago, while I was spending the day with my friend Sean, he received a notice in the mail that his car insurance payment had gone up by twenty dollars a month. He, of course, wasn’t happy with this increase and started complaining about how car insurance was ridiculous and how much he hated it. He started going on about how people should not be required to have car insurance and listed a number of reasons why he thought so. He almost convinced me that he was right about the matter. I too have to pay car insurance, and I agree that it is taxing to have to pay one hundred and twenty dollars every month towards something that doesn’t seem to benefit me at all. However, after careful thinking and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that car insurance is a necessity.

         The main reason a person needs car insurance is so he or she will be protected. Just about everyone who drives will be involved in at least one accident in his or her lifetime, even if he or she is an extremely good and cautious driver. This fact is probably why every state except for Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Tennessee require every driver to have at least liability coverage, and why many states, including Florida, require Personal Injury Protection coverage(Frey, Joe). The fact of the matter is that bad drivers are out there on the roads, and there are times when nothing can be done to avoid a collision. Many times the authorities will hold a person responsible for an accident, even when the driver doesn’t feel it was their fault. When the day comes that an accident happens, insured people will be more than happy that they have their insurance to come into effect, regardless of whose fault the accident is.
Teenagers are more in need of insurance than anybody else. Statistics show that a teenager is more likely to be in a wreck than an adult. I know this fact is true, because I have already been in a car wreck myself, and most of my friends have as well. I would guess the reason for so many teen wrecks is their lack of experience, and maybe lack of responsibility for some. Many teens just don’t give enough attention to the road when they are driving, especially when they have friends in the car. If for nobody else, car insurance should be required for teens.

        Sean disagrees with my opinion. He is also a teenager, so he has to pay outrageously high prices for...

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