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The Necessity Of Health Care Reform

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According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control, 43.6 million Americans were uninsured for health care as of 2008 (CDC). This number is too high! What can Americans do about this growing problem? The Republicans and Democrats both have their separate plans for this matter, both of which contain good ideas, but fall short of what this country needs. A mixture of the two plans will solve this country’s health insurance problems.
The Republicans have very specific beliefs on health care. They believe in helping out the individual by allowing them to take care of their own health care options. One influential website states, plans, such as, Flexible Savings Accounts and Medical Savings Accounts, are designed to do just that (“Republican”). They are in strong opposition to government-run universal health care. The website goes on to say, that they believe that it will lead to many more problems than it would solve (“Republican”). The article states that they also take a much stricter Catholic stance than Democrats. Things such as embryonic cell research and cloning are things they would oppose in funding with taxpayers’ money (“Republican”).
The Republican Party has many ideas that it wants to have approved in a health care bill. One prominent website states, their changes represent things they call “Common-Sense Reforms” (“Health Care-GOP”). The article says, these changes include the obvious items such as lower health care premiums, encouraging state programs, and guaranteeing affordable health care for the uninsured (“Health Care-GOP”). They also include the much-needed rule of not being allowed to drop people with pre-existing conditions. The same influential website says they also have plans to help out the small businesses and making it easier for Americans to get health insurance (“Health Care-GOP”). The prominent source says their plan, unlike the Democrats, will save millions and even billions of dollars (“Health Care-GOP”).
The Republican’s plan, has, as Mina Nguyen puts it, “four main objectives: choice, affordability, quality, and portability” (Nguyen). Most of these ideas can only get accomplished if Americans band together and all get insured. One expert states that, a big part of their plan is choice, which they say Obama’s plan eliminates. Another objective of the plan is to take away benefits from companies and give them back to the people (Nguyen). The Republicans plan differs from the Democrats in many ways.
The Democrats have a strong belief in helping others through health care among other things. One well-known website explains that they also wish to expand the items health insurance covers as well as making it more inexpensive. One of the reasons for this is, once again, to help to get everyone in America health insurance (“Democratic”). The same distinguished website says how Democrats plan to change the Medicare system to make it more suited to help those on it. They are trying...

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