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The Necessity Of Uniforms In A School.

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"What should I wear to school today?" This is the question that millions of American students ask themselves every morning. I believe that there is one solution to this daily dilemma, which would benefit both students and schools. The obvious answer to this problem is a school uniform. The advantages of having a school uniform would be to show the unity of the school community, to minimize social classifications in the student body, and to allow the students much-needed additional sleep in the morning. Although students may cringe at the thought of wearing designated clothing day after day, this mundane task will actually benefit them, their teachers, and their schools.

When students wear a uniform, they show that they are part of a school community. When the public sees the uniformed students, they will be easily recognized as students from a school whose logo they are wearing. This would encourage the students to behave in a proper manner in public areas. The reputation of the school will benefit by people seeing children doing good things around the community wearing the school uniform. This may also increase the number of entrance applications into the school, because of the good reputation of the school as shown by the students' behavior. The students will also feel an increased feeling of school spirit when they see the entire student body, proud to represent their school. As a result, both students and the school would benefit from the increased feeling of school identity.

Furthermore, a uniform could help relationships among students themselves, and between students and their teachers. Among the students, there would be...

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