The Need To Reform Government In Order To Obtain A Brighter Future

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Throughout the course of American History, the U.S. government has mostly shown to be a reliable and stable pillar during major events happening domestically and internationally. It has displayed leadership, tenacity, and perseverance when making important legislation that would change the lives of all citizens in the United States. However, during the latter half of the 20th century, the government has shown to be susceptible to partisanship. This has been displayed when it is presented with a dilemma regarding decision making; when a political group refuses to negotiate on an issue, the whole U.S. government shuts down. Based on the recent developments in politics, the legislative design of the federal government has been shown to be seriously flawed; only by changing its structure can we guard against the partisanship which prevents our representatives and senators from serving the will of the citizens of the United States through compromise.
We must guard against partisanship and promote comprise in our government by changing its structure; one of the ways this can be done is by preventing factions that influence the judgment of our representatives from forming. This is a very important issue to solve because the power that factions have on our politicians personally and politically makes them less likely to vote on important legislation. The two ways to do this are as follows: (1) remove its causes to keep them from forming and (2) Control its effects (Kernell, 2013, p. 77). In order to prevent future factions, such as the tea party movement, from forming, politicians from the party which it originated have to start working on developing their own position that will help curtail factions from forming and hurting its own party and the legislative process. This can be done by every representative in that party being better organized and promoting their position. Also, by every representative better preparing themselves financially, they can be ready to counter the factions’ candidate that challenges them in the general election. Politicians also have to control the effects of factions by reminding voters of the consequences of siding with ideological activists because they create friction and disunity within the party base which hurts their party’s chances in an election. By fixing this issue, we can create a healthier political atmosphere which will help the legislative process in the long run.
The country must also prevent partisanship and un-compromise from forming by protecting the personal information of representatives in order to control political intimidation. Factions, such as the tea party movement, try to intimidate representatives by threatening to expose and humiliate them by showing their personal information to the public in order to control how the representative will act when voting on legislation. For example, Frakes (2012) mentions in his article the problem that we have with information being accessible to anyone at any...

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