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The Necklace Of Luck, Love, Friendship, And Family

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Necklaces are sold in any store an individual can think of including Walmart, Target, Old Navy and Costco. Even gas stations around town sell different types of this decorative jewelry. The can be long, short, showy, conservative, big, small, extravagant, simple, and any color imaginable. Necklaces can also have no charms or fifty. So what makes mine so special? My necklace has two charms; a simple silver heart from my mother and a faux ivory elephant from my best friend whom I met here at UNCW. I have two completely different charms that each signifies family and friends in one item that I get to take with me wherever I decide to adventure. Necklaces are changed, sold, or sometimes lost, but mine will be with me forever. This necklace is not important because it is just a nice necklace, it is important because it represents two of the most important people and two of the most important places in my life thus far.
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When I officially decided to come to UNCW, I knew it was going to be hard for me to meet people because that is just who I am. I was comfortable with my friends back home because I knew them and I did not have to make new ones. Change has always scared me, but I knew I had to do this to better my education and my future. During orientation, I met a few people that I still talk to maybe twice a semester. However, the day that I moved in, I met lots of new people that I felt comfortable around. It wasn’t until the first day of classes that I would meet my best friend. We both had psychology together and realized that when we got back to our dorm and from then on, we just sort of did everything together. That Christmas, I received the elephant charm from her because she knew the story of my necklace and she knew of my absolute love for elephants. Getting this charm to add to my necklace made my necklace much more meaningful to me.
This necklace is not important to me just because it is a beautiful, unique accessory. This necklace keeps me company, comforts me, and gives me luck in my times of need. For example, over the summer I work the third shift at a small grocery store in my hometown. Around 3am, the store is completely empty and, at that point, I will catch myself holding the necklace to keep me company. Holding the necklace in my hand also gives me a sense of comfort because there is no telling what is going to happen at 3am in the only store open in town. During exams, interviews, or even bad times, holding my necklace seems to give me luck throughout the day. Whether I am home or at school, the necklace has always and will always give me a sense of security and luck when I need it the most.
Ever since I received the chain and charm from my mother, this necklace has been a big part of my life. Then getting the elephant from my friend enhanced the meaning of the necklace for me. This necklace signifies gifts, love, value, luck, family, and friendship. I am forever grateful for my mother and the friendships that I have made here. I love that I have a daily reminder of the relationships and a sense of luck and comfort with me wherever I decide to go in life.

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