The Need To Donate Blood (Persuasive Paper)

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Throughout today’s society someone needs a blood transfusion every second of the hour. Imagine riding a motorcycle and getting hit by a vehicle that is doing 60 miles per hour; During the time of you getting hit you are thrown from the motorcycle and ran over by another vehicle. Someone sees the accident and calls for emergency assistance. You are laying on the ground bleeding from several wounds and in an enormous amount of pain. It seems as if the ambulance is never going to arrive. Finally, an ambulance arrives to the scene of the accident. The EMT workers rush over to you and realize you are not responding, one of your fingers are missing, you have several open wounds and has lost a lot of blood. A helicopter is now called to come and air lift you to the hospital. Afterward, arriving to the hospital you have to be rushed into emergency surgery and a blood transfusion is needed. This incident happened to my brother-in-law and it is not a nice image is it?

        The average adult has about five liters of blood inside of their body, moving swiftly through their vessels, delivering essential elements, and removing harmful wastes. Without blood, the human body would stop working. Blood is the fluid of life, transporting oxygen from the lungs to body tissue and carbon dioxide from body tissue to the lungs. Blood is the fluid of growth, transporting nourishment from digestion and hormones from glands throughout the body. Blood is the fluid of health, transporting disease fighting substances to the tissue and waste to the kidneys. The blood is divided into two types of blood cells, the red blood cells and the white blood cells. Red blood cells and white blood cells are responsible for nourishing and cleansing of the body. The cells need nourishment to keep the body healthy. Approximately 55 percent of blood is plasma, a straw-colored clear liquid. The liquid plasma carries the solid cells and the platelets which help blood clot. Without blood platelets, you would bleed to death. When the human body loses a small portion of blood to a minor wound, the platelets cause the blood to clot so that the bleeding stops. Because new blood is always being made inside of your bones, the body can replace the lost blood. When the human body loses a lot of blood through a major wound, that blood has to be replaced through a blood transfusion from other people. It is estimated that in the United States, that every three seconds a patient needs blood. Sometimes the blood can be pre-donated by the patients themselves; However, most of the blood need...

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