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The Need For An Adequate Evaluation Of Organization Behavior

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As organizations truly affect almost every aspect of our daily lives, it is vital for us to understand the what, how and why of organizations (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010) . That is why an adequate evaluation of organizational behaviour is needed. This essay is going to analyse the application of a critical model of thinking to studying organizational behaviour. It is going to do so by first setting clear definitions of key terms, describing generally Taylorism, Fordism and Post-Fordism and then proceeding with analysis of different examples. These examples would relate to the above mentioned organizational behaviour theories and the relationships between them. As a result of the analysis a summary is to be drawn focusing on the value of applying an analytical method to understanding organizational behaviour. What makes this topic particularly interesting is that it relates an interdisciplinary field (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010) of research with a concrete way of perception and then questions it. However, it must remain clear that the term “critical approach” in the sense of understanding organizational behaviour would mean the same thing as if a critical approach is applied within the field of study, that is an approach that challenges the status quo and does not ignore perspectives that are routinely ignored or excluded otherwise (Knights & Willmott, 2007) .
The first concept that is considered is Taylorism. Following by the name of Frederick Winslow Taylor the idea of scientific management theory is considered the basis of modern management (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010) . Taylor had the opportunity to monitor production in the steel industry from first hand as he was an engineer. Because of the specifics of the industry, workers had higher expertise and knowledge of what their work constituted of compared to their supervisors and as a result they organized their own work (Grey, 2009) . This led to lowered overall productivity and systematic underproduction. Hence, this provoked Taylor to develop scientific management. The principles behind Tayor’s management concept were based on the idea that workers put in the least amount of effort and that they are motivated solely by material gains. As a result, the theory implied that greater external control is needed for more productive operations. Furthermore, the theory basically built an instrumental view of human behaviour making the human factor a mere component in a machine (Morgan, 2006) . Taylor’s concept was considered a milestone in the development of management as it proposed a different, efficiency-orientated approach that relied on how work was organized. From his point of view surely it was the increased productivity, predictability and control of the system that made the idea better. H e himself states that if applied in a correct manner his methods would lead to far larger and better results (Taylor, 2007) . However, when the scientific management theory was applied the negative...

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