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The Need For An Educational Background On Cloning

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Clones would also have an increased risk of birth defects, if they survived to term. It would be obligatory for doctors and nurses to care for these children. The care that a cloned child might need, would be focusing on physiological and psychological needs. Nurses could also assist the clones and their family with identity crises, by counseling them. This would help them develop a close bond, and would convey acceptance. This bond would help the child develop security as well. This makes education on developmental abnormalities and cloning crucial for the medical society.
Educators need to include the most upcoming knowledge on cloning in order to get ready for this complicated and innovative task. According to Dinc, “a survey of 68 nursing specialty organizations reported that only 30% of administrators were planning to offer genetics content in future programs”(Dince, 2003, 252). This shows that there is a crucial need for an educational background on cloning and new genetic findings. Technology is quickly headed in this direction.
The growth and stages of development for cloning are vast. Before observing whether or not this is possible, an understanding of cloning and the different techniques of cloning is very significant. “Cloning techniques are laboratory processes used to produce offspring that are genetically identical to the donor parent. Clones are created by a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer”(Bailey, Cloning Techniques). There are two variations of this method. There is the Roslin Technique and the Honolulu Technique. If a clone is genetically identical to its’ donor parent, they will have similar features, but not be the same age, or have the same environmental impacts.
“The “Nuclear Transfer” defines a nucleus that has been moved from a body cell of a cloned organism to an egg, from which the nucleus has been detached” (Bailey, Cloning Technique). The nucleus is important, because it holds the genetic makeup that differentiates one person from another. The egg also plays a big role, because this is the start of when human life develops. When an egg retains the nucleus from the individual, cloning can begin to occur. Nuclear transfer also requires tissue cells from the being that is going to be cloned. The cells don’t have to come from a specific area either. For embryonic growth to occur, there has to be an electric current between the transferred nucleus and egg. When the embryo takes on its structure, it is implanted in the mother (known as a surrogate), for it to continue the growth process (Bailey, Cloning Technique). A surrogate provides another option for women who face infertility problems.
The first variation of this method is known as the “Roslin Technique”. This technique is a variation of somatic cell nuclear transfer that was developed by researchers at the Roslin Institute. “In this process, somatic cells are allowed to cultivate and divide and are then deprived of nutrients to induce the cells into...

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