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The Need For Change: Is The N.C.C.A. Exploiting The Talents Of Student Athletes?

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Since 1910, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been the most dominant collegiate athletic organization in the United States. Originally created to solidify the rules for the various sports of the time, this nonprofit association has grown to a combination of 1,281 conferences, organizations, institutions, and individuals. Based on the NCCA’s Constitution, the primary purposes of the organization is to promote intercollegiate athletics in the United States, to "maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the educational program and the athlete as an integral part of the student body, [and to] retain a clear line of demarcation between intercollegiate athletics and professional sports."(Harvard Law Review) Currently the NCAA has $613 million dollars in assets, and over $830 million dollars in income (Brown). This is a direct result of the talented athletes whom participate in a variety of sports for the NCAA. This research will argue that the NCAA is exploiting the talents of these student athletes. By looking at revenue generated by student athletes, graduation rates, and overall quality of life of student’s athletes, this paper will seek to affirm this view.
Although it can be easy overlook, there is a valid and reasonable claim that NCCA is exploiting the talents of student athletes. Exploitation, by definition, is the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work. Knowing this, “one could certainly argue that colleges and universities receive undeserved benefits from student athletes” (Van Rheenen). The NCAA current business model and practices has essentially formed a business with over 450,000(current number of NCCA student athletes) “unpaid” employees (Brown). Based on the research of Robert and Amy McCormick, NCAA student athletes, under the common law test, are workers. (McCormick). However unlike workers, student athletes aren’t able to gain wages for services provided. This is a direct result of the NCAA, who rules exploit these student athletes to create one of the most efficient monopolies in America.
Although a “free” education is a great incentive for many student athletes, with a closer look this is not an absolute truth. With a closer look sometimes “scholarship is in no way proportional to the millions that their colleges and coaches earn from their efforts” (Kiplinger). This is one of the strongest evidence that the NCAA exploits student athletes. Realistically speaking, “would college coaches accept a scholarship in exchange for a $3 – 4 million dollar salary?” (Watkins). This question can be answered with a resound no. So why do these uniquely talented students have their talents exploited by NCAA? The NCAA should be providing a service to student athletes, to promote learning and education, rather the NCAA is exploiting college athletes of their natural athletic talents.
Furthermore, this argument gains more grounds, when we look at the revenue generated...

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