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The Need For Clean And Unpolluted Water: Kitty Hach Darrow

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Water is one of the most important things in this universe. It is used in everyday life, and without it, there would be no life on this planet. But, to be able to use the water efficiently, it needs to be clean and unpolluted. One woman realized that all across America people needed something to purify their water with. So, she and her husband set out on a mission to create a chemical company for water analyzation. Her name was Katherine Hach Darrow.
Kathrine (Kitty) Hach Darrow was born in 1922. This was a time of prosperity and new inventions. Her father owned his own business and was also a pilot. At a young age Kitty developed a strong passion for flying just like her dad. But then the Great Depression hit and everyone in America had their dreams and aspirations put on hold. However, Kitty’s mom was a teacher, so education was very important. She decided that one day, she wanted to go off and study at a college, ...view middle of the document...

However, Kitty had other interests. She was influenced by a chemistry professor in her department, who often tried to persuade women into going into the fields of chemistry or other sciences. Soon after, she started to pursue a career in chemistry, and she met her husband, Clifford Hach (who was a brilliant chemist). After they were married, they decided that they wanted to open their own chemical company. Cliff started the whole operation off by designing and selling a paten to a fire extinguisher company, who in turn gave them more than enough money to get started. They designed and built the water testing and purification kits, and mailed them out to their customers. But, the company got larger, and soon Kitty got to combine her love of flying and chemistry; she flew to many places to deliver the Hach Company’s products. They couple later had three kids, and the middle son also fell in love with chemistry and helped to develop some of the company’s products. Kitty continued the work of the Hach Chemical Company long after Cliff died, but in 1999 she sold it to the Danaher Corporation for a total of $355 million.
Kitty received many awards and special recognitions for her great accomplishments in water analyzing. The included the American Water Works George Warren Fuller Award in 1957, and the Pittcon Heritage Award in 2003.In addition to advanced work in chemistry, Kitty was also a strong business woman who grew the company and made it into the billion dollar industry that it is today. So because of that, she also received the Outstanding Business Leaders Award, and was voted into the Colorado Business Hall of Fame. The actual Hach Company was voted the Best Company in Colorado. Kitty was also very generous with her finances. She donated millions of dollars to scholarships and grants in the United States, including the Kathryn Hach Scholarship for Women. Kitty also established many scientific institutions. These include the Hach Scientific Foundation, the Hach Student Life Center, and a new building at Iowa State devoted to chemistry called Hach Hall.
While Kitty did not write any publications of her own, she helped to invent many of the products made by the Hach Company.

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