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The Need For Computer Literacy Essay

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Why should students learn to use computers and software proficiently and how do we choose what students learn and how?
Technology is present in every part of our daily lives whether it's related to personal, business, or educational endeavors. Most people agree that there is a need for the younger generation to understand how computers work for them. However, there is still a slight disconnect as to what computer skills are needed to be enforced on middle school/high school students and what they need to master to ensure survival once they leave high school.
Is a student considered knowledgeable in computers if they can play computer games, chat online, and surf the internet? Is it ...view middle of the document...

File Naming and Organization - saving files AND knowing how and where to store them is vital. It includes categorizing files into different folders or criteria (depending on the user) and naming files so they are easily found later.
3. Internet for Research - besides social networking, the internet can also be a very good source for a variety of information and sharing information (email.) For students, this will be the main way they have learned to find information; however they need to learn how to recognize ___________ sources. Knowing the proper way to cite the information they find and use is also critical.
4. Document Production: learning how to use word document creation software, such as Microsoft Word will help students create a more presentable essay or term paper. Document creation software also have tools, such as the spelling and grammar checker, to help clear errors on their documents; however students must understand the limitations of these aids. Computational tools, such as Microsoft Excel, also aids in data gathering and computation. Learning how to use computational tools also lessens the error of doing manual computation and tabulation. Creating a Presentation - not all projects are submitted in a form of a document. There will be times where a teacher may require a student to present in front of the class or a panel. Knowing how to create a presentation will help students in developing them for their...

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