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The Need For Dental Insurance Essay

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Do you ever think that just a toothache could kill you? That was the case for the twelve year old boy named Deamonte Driver from Maryland. (Otto par.1) It was a $80 dollar extraction that could have saved this young child’s life. (Otto par.2) If his mother and him had dental insurance that procedure would have been taking care of with little to no cost. (Otto par.3) If mother had not been focused on getting a dentist for his brother who had six rotten teeth. (Otto par.6) Also she didn’t want to pay for what she thought was a needless procedure. Deamonte’s death and ultimate cost of his care, which could have totaled more than $250,000. (Otto par.8) The mother obviously did not know how important teeth are to people’s overall health. In America about 108 million people lack dental insurance as of only about 44 million people having dental insurance. (Otto par.4) When there are many dental insurance plans the are low in cost, yet effective and imperative to all. ( Klapp par.2) People need to have dental insurance due to how it effects overall health, and there are many different types of dental insurance that are low in cost.
Since everyone wants good teeth to be able to eat and speak, dental insurance is as crucial as life insurance coverage plans as well as house insurance and car insurance. (Klapp par.1) While in 22 states they have no need for coverage and in six states only have emergency coverage and another 16 states does not cover preventative services on teeth. (Wallace par.1) insurance companies have jumped on having dental insurance due to them realizing that it is need by individuals who are not covered by their job or company. ( “Vital” par.6) when you are covered you have many benefits such as free procedures. To make sure that the procedure such as a filling and cleaning just ask the dentist to check for your insurance before for you plan for the procedure so the cost is known and there is no surprise cost. (Payne par.6)
Also, children need to develop a routine to help them when they grow up early. To push this, dental care for children was successfully pushed to have dental and even vision services for the children. (Evans par.2) To a research at ____________ dental insurance status relied on the income of the family or individual person. (Kaylor par. 8) The result also showed that over 40% of women had no dental insurance at all. (Kaylor par.1) They believe that it is due to lower class people not knowing that there are other cheaper options out there for them to gain dental insurance from. Women with less education, lower income, and even the dental need of that certain person were significantly less likely to have dental insurance. (Kaylor par.1) Which means that the people or the person that needs the most help with their teeth are the people that do not get dental insurance and neglect their teeth. The dependence on dental insurance is highly crucial as people are becoming aware that the cost of the one’s teeth and gums...

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