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The Need For Extreme Criminal Justice Reform In California

2537 words - 10 pages




I.     Basic Introduction and description - Introduce basic sides of Criminal
Law and Elaborate

II.     General History and Development
     - Discuss the history and modifications of Reform Laws in California

III.     Main Problems and Concern Stimulants
     - Point out real life statistics and point out incidents

IV.     Conclusion
     - Point out the need for an extreme reform and what can be done


I. An analysis of Department of Corrections data by the Center on Juvenile and
Criminal Justice in San Francisco, CA, in Nov, 1995 indicates that since the
enactment of California's "Three Strikes" law two years ago, 192 have "struck
out" for marijuana possession, compared to 40 for murder, 25 for rape, and 24
for kidnapping.

A. I have a strong proposition for the California Legislature...and that is a
strict and logical reform to the present Criminal Justice System in California.
B. "The California Legislature is to be commended for its stance on crime. Not
for their "get tough" policies such as the "Three Strikes" law but for their
enactment of a little known section of the Penal Code entitled the "Community
Based Punishment Act of 1994." (Senator Quentin Kopp, Time Magazine Feb 14,
1996) C. By passage of this act, the State of California has acknowledged the
limitations of incarceration as both punishment and a deterrent to criminal
behavior. D. The legislature has in fact declared that "California's criminal
justice system is seriously out of balance in its heavy dependence upon prison
facilities and jails for punishment and its lack of appropriate punishment for
nonviolent offenders and substance abusers who could be successfully treated in
appropriate, less restrictive programs without any increase in danger to the

II.     More facts, Opinions and Developmental Ideas

A. In essence, this law proposes a community based system of intermediate
restrictions for non-violent offenders that fall between jail time and
traditional probation such as home detention with electronic monitoring, boot
camps, mandatory community service and victim restitution, day reporting, and
others. B. Pilot programs are to be developed as a collaborative effort between
the state and counties requiring a community based plan describing the sanctions
and services to be provided. C. A progress report on an actof this kind would be
made by the California Board of Corrections on January 1, 1997 and annually
thereafter to selected legislative committees.

III.     Informatives

A. "It seems clear that the California Legislature has determined that
incarceration is not...

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