The Importance Of Leadership Coaching Essay

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AbstractStaggering interest in leadership coaching comes from the changing trend of our present-day global world. Many large firms are turning their eyes to leadership coaching as a wayto provide the opportunities to their employees to continue to learn and the renew oneself. A case study is introduced to advocate the benefits of leadership coaching especially practiced in a group setting. Leadership group coaching establishes a foundation of trust, provides constructive conflict resolution, leads to greater commitment, and contributes to accountability, all factors that result in better business and improvement of efficiency for the organization. Leadership group coaching creates high-performance teams through building on each other's strengths to become more effective as a team. In order to make the coaching process a success, leadership coaches are required to undergo clinical training to prepare for psychological problems that can be encountered during leadership coaching process. In addition, a clinical approach to organizational intervention is included. There is also mention about the similarities and differences between leadership coaching and psychotherapy. Adding the threats and issues related to the success or failure of the leadership coaching, I concluded with the shown and potential benefits of the leadership coaching which result in the reason why the organizations need to focus and make investments on such coaching programs.No matter the size, every organization needs a leader. Needless to mention the importance of the leader's leadership ability, it is essential for organizations to train and nurture each leader of his or her leadership skills. In this aspect, effective training and coaching programs that are usually planned and organized by human resource department have great importance. As a way of clarifying and enhancing consciousness for the leaders, coaching has become the priority for executives and a major activity for many large firms and organizations.What is the reason for the increasing demand for coaching especially for the executives? The biggest reason for the coaching trend comes from the changes in our present-day global world. As competencies that proved to be highly effective in the past have become outdated, what was an effective way of running a business five years ago is no longer valid today. With these changes, there is relentless pressure on executives to transform their way of thinking to accommodate present-day realities while achieving bottom-line results. New ways are needed to help reinvent and revitalize highly stressed executives and prevent burnout. Thus as a way to provide the opportunity to continue to learn and the renew oneself, coaching has become the most powerful strategic weapon.It is clearly shown from a case study the necessity and importance of the leadership coaching (Kets de Vries, M.F.R., 2005). It is a case of a company undergoing a transition period with its eight executive board...

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