The Importance Of Marriage, Heterosexual And Homosexual

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As a society, somewhere we have lost the importance of marriage. It seems that we have forgotten how important a marriage is not only to our families, but also to our communities. We are depriving our children and our communities of the structure, and stability that they desperately need by choosing to live together, and start families without marrying. We are also doing this by denying some members of our community the right to have a healthy marriage at all. Our children are being denied the sustenance they need to develop healthy relationships of their own. Not only is society not viewing this as important, but it has been mostly absent in providing any support or assistance for families and marriage. Ultimately, I agree with Santorum’s views on the importance of marriage to a family, in fact the only ideas that I disagree with are his views on gay marriage.
The idea that marriage is one of the most important things to a family, and a community, is one that I strongly agree with. The strongest communities are made up of healthy families; families that have two married parents. I can definitely see why these communities are the strongest. A marriage of two people is providing children with emotional support and structure that they are carrying on as adults to their own families, and communities. Families with strong values and morals will be stronger, and healthier. These communities will have less crime, and individuals will care more about the people in their community, and also provide better support to each other. Our society should really be evaluating the effects that the absence of marriage in families is having on our community, and what is happening to our children growing up in single parent homes, or even with unmarried parents.
Santorum believes that couples are choosing convenient relationships of cohabitation over marriage, costing their children important ingredients needed for their emotional growth. I also believe this to be true. Living together is more convenient for couples because they don’t have to make such a large commitment; it really is rather selfish once you begin involving children. I believe that a marriage provides commitment and security that is just not found in anything less than a marriage. There is something about a marriage that holds a family together, whereas without it, it’s easier to give up and walk away. Adults understand the commitment that they are omitting from their relationship, and children understand it as well. They see the permanence that is missing from their family. It has been shown that boys growing up in homes without married parents were twice as likely to end up in jail (Santorum, 2005). Couples are actually sabotaging their relationships with cohabitation; most couples who live together will most likely not marry at all, and the couples who do have a 50% chance of ending in divorce (Santorum, 2005); the odds don’t seem very good. If all we want is what is best for our children, then...

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