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The Need For Milk Cooling Essay

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Chapter 1


1.1 Background and Need for Milk Cooling
As per the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) standards milk has to be cooled in between the range of 2-4°C. This low temperature of the raw milk is necessary as temperature higher that given range cause degradation in quality of the milk. The higher temperature milk will cause process of lipolysis which is nothing but the reduction of the fats inside the milk and cause the degradation of quality. Apart from this bacterial growth is higher at milk temperature higher than the 4°C. As all the nutrients are present in the milk for the growth of bacteria, it will start growing unless its growth is checked. As most of the milk in India is produced in rural are it needs to transport for very long distance which requires preserving the quality of milk. Therefor the most effective means of controlling the growth of the bacteria and other important properties of the milk is to cool it to the desired temperature.
As India is world’s largest producer and consumer of milk, milk cooling is an important and critical issue. So far different technologies has been used for cooling of milk. But along with obtaining the desired temperature of the milk, another important factor is energy efficient method of milk cooling. As there is large quantity of milk to be cooled finding energy efficient way of milk cooling will help in improving overall cost of cooling system as well as making it affordable at the farm.
1.2 Objective
Objective for this seminar report is
 Find out the ongoing practices of milk cooling system all over the world
 Searching for problems and energy conserving areas in milk cooling
 To optimize the cooling system.
1.3 Methodology
The methodology of the current work is as follows:
a. Literature review on heat recovery methods in milk cooling system
b. Literature review on conservation of energy in milk cooling system
c. Literature review on effect of different refrigerants in milk cooling system

Chapter 2


2.1 Heat Recovery methods
2.2.1 Introduction[9]
Heat recovery is one of the most important method for energy efficient milk cooing system. Whatever is the waste heat that can be recovered and can be utilized in important applications like heating of the water etc. The practices of the heat recovery has been carried out since the past many years and still it has a good feasibility at present day. The important researches that has been carried out so far in heat recovery are as follows-
2.2.2 Dairy Refrigeration Heat Recovery unit:
Two alternative methods are been used mainly as De-superheaters and complete condensing system. The De-superheater removes only the sensible heat from the superheated refrigerant while the complete condensing system recover all the heat given up by the condensing refrigerant.
De-superheaters recover less energy (2535%), producing smaller quantities of hotter water while the condensing unit recovers more of the available heat...

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