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The Importance Of Sex In A Relationship

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The Importance of Sex in a Relationship “A good sexual relationship is essential to good health,” says Dr.
Barbara Bartlick, psychiatry professor who founded the Human Sexuality
Program at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York(“Experts: Sex is
good for you”, section 2, paragraph 1). Despite what many people say,
there are potential health benefits from sex that could, “relieve
anxiety, mask pain, aid sleep, reduce stress, foster fitness, boost
immune systems, stave off heart attacks and maybe even promote
longevity” and the more obvious benefit like a cardiovascular
workout(“Experts: Sex is good for you”, sec 2, paragraph 1). Agreeing
with Dr. Bartlick, I feel that sex has many health benefits and sex
should not be conceived as something taboo.

Studies have shown that there are there chemicals released in the
brain during and after sex. First being Oxytocin, it is a

hormone produced that alters affection even after the “lovemaking,”
and it is what makes marriages last. Researchers at the University of
Illinois at Chicago, showed that when a female patients was injected
with oxytocin, she bonded quickly with a single partner. When it was
not available the couple did not show as much affection toward one
another(“Experts: Sex is good for you” Section 2 paragraph 5). This
shows how important sex is to a relationship and to life. To make
marriages work, couples have to have sex. Humans need it to lead
healthy and strong lives. Two other hormones that are released during
intercourse are Serotonin and Endorphin. Serotonin released into the
brain causes the feeling of happiness and with this, Serotonin “kick
starts” a sense of relaxation. (“Experts: Sex is good for you”,
section 2, paragraph 4) In all, sex can be used as a stress reducer.
According to many health studies, sex can also be...

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