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The Need For Stricter Gun Control Laws

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11,000 Americans died from guns, 19,066 committed suicide in 2011. Without guns in our world , this would not have happened. Removing guns from our society could greatly reduce school shootings, deaths and overall crime rate. The First gun control law was implemented in 1934. The National Firearms Act of 1934 puts a $200 tax on machine guns and sawed off shotguns. The next gun control law National Firearms Act of 1938 needed licensing of interstate firearm dealers. After that in 1968, 3 laws were made: The Omnibus Crime Control, Safe Street Act of 1968, and The Gun Control Act of 1968, these 3 laws made all criminals, drug users and and mentally sick or ill from buying guns. In 1986 citizens with guns started to complain owing to the fact that the government had too much domination over the citizens. The next law was called the Firearm Owner Protection Act and this law made firearm inspectors monitor the gun shops no more than once in a year. But if any violations are found another gun check up will happen again. Lastly in 1993 The Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act of 1993 made all the people under the 1986 legislation to have background checks. Even all these gun control laws don't stop felons from getting guns. Many people still get guns illegally. Many accidents or suicide still happen from guns. Are there any alternatives to protecting yourself? Guns are dangerous and not needed for a first world country like the U.S.

Criminals get guns in many untold ways. The first is straw purchases. How criminals get guns from straw purchases is a friend or family member buy’s the gun with a clean background check and gives it to the criminal. Another way criminal's get guns is gun shows. Many gun shows have signs such as “No background checks needed” which are magnets for criminals. In 2005 “The ATF watched 3,083 gun dealers and found 12,274 “lost firearms”. In addition criminals get guns from corrupt federally...

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America Needs Stricter Gun Control Laws

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827 words - 3 pages that the Second Amendment was to preserve and guarantee to keep and bare arms. Ironically, many of our U.S. Presidents were assassinated because of firearms. These leaders include: President Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy. Also, guns killed many other political leaders, such as: Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy.Americans should make gun control laws more stringent. It is for the safety and protection

America Needs Stricter Gun Control Laws

2799 words - 11 pages of the Right to Bear Arms." Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Protecting (2011): 1-8. Web. Alters3, Sandra M. "Public Attitudes toward Gun Control." Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Protecting (2011): 8-9. Web. Barden, Renardo. Troubled Society: Gun Control. Vero Beach, FL: The Rourke Corporation, Inc., 1990. Print. "Did the sandy hook shooting prove the need for more gun control?" (2013): 4 . Web. "Gun control." World of Health (2007): 1-6. Web. Wilson, Jeffrey. ""Firearm Laws."." Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law (2006): 5-6. Web.

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1627 words - 7 pages Gun control laws intend to regulate or restrict guns by choosing who can posses, buy and sell particular guns. Prohibition on guns will have little effect on reducing crimes, as criminals do not obey laws. There are many myths about gun control reducing acts of gun violence, which are simply not true, according to research. People are responsible for crimes, not the guns themselves. If more people had guns on their person, the crime rate would

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976 words - 4 pages Do We Need Tougher Gun Control Laws?By Nathan PabonThe age old debate of whether we should have stricter gun control laws has been occurring for much of the country's age. Usually a debate between those who identify themselves as Republicans or Democrats. There are, of course, pros and cons of having stricter gun control laws. My view on the matter, is that the cons outweigh the pros making it seem not worth the effort of making stricter laws

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1249 words - 5 pages stricter gun control, our federal government needs to take the responsibility in enforcing the current laws. The justice departments need to be proactive with prosecutions especially with cases of falsification of background information for example in 2009 FBI reported 77,000 falsifications but only 77 or 1% were prosecuted. Congress also needs to approve enough funding for national instant criminal background check system (NCIS) and also states should

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2652 words - 11 pages cause discrimination and prejudice towards the mentally ill. As for the case of stricter gun laws being effective, there is not much evidence that it deters any crime. After seeing recent mass shootings in America, many countries blamed what happened on the lack of gun control. But these countries ignore the fact that even with their own strict gun laws or bans; they still have gun crimes and murders. This was shown in the statistics of the UK

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