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The Importance Of Vital Signs In Contemporary Nursing Practice

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This essay aims to provide a discussion of vital signs and how they are relevant to contemporary nursing practice. This is done by;
• Discussing what vital signs are and when are they used in practice.
• Why are vital signs relevant to contemporary nursing practice?
• How the skills are performed with the consideration of the NMC (2008) code of conduct.
• Discussing potential risk issues associated with using automated blood pressure/pulse machine in relation to contemporary practice.
• Summary of the main points discussed and stating my an interpretation on its relevancy to contemporary professional nursing practice

Vital signs are the observation of the body’s vital functions and show an evidence of the person’s health condition. It is used as an assessment by the nurses to assess the patient’s blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration (Ackbarally,2012). This occurs initially on admission or when they arrive at different health care settings such as; transfer from hospital to a nursing home, during an emergency situation to help observe the persons condition, before and after operation, before, during and after treatment, when the patients general condition alters and also according to the local or national data gathering (Endacott et al , 2009)

Nurses form an important role in influencing patient safety from everyday tasks and gradually obtaining the patient vital signs have increasingly been seen as a chore instead of collecting clinical evidence. This then creates an extreme danger to patient’s as irregular monitoring of vital signs prevented early detection of deterioration in a patient’s condition, which postpones transfer to intensive care unit ( Kyriacos U et al 2011; Boulanger, 2009). Due to this, across the UK it has been introduced a range of vital signs monitoring implementations that integrate early warning systems (EWS) aimed to identify signs of deterioration and activate a quick response to enhance patient safety ( Kyriacos,U et al 2011). This then helps to emphasise the importance of vital signs in contemporary nursing practice as ‘better monitoring of patients implies better care’ for this reason it is the nurses responsibility to ensure accuracy of the data, interpret the vital signs findings and to report any abnormalities (Lynn, 2008 ; Kyriacos et al, 2011 p.3225). This also builds the nurses core skill set and offers the earliest information of a patient at risk of deterioration, which helps to prevent deaths or further health complications (Boulanger, 2009).

Before performing the vital signs procedures it is important that the nurse identifies the patient, by doing this it ensure the correct person obtains the intervention which will help to prevent mistakes (Lynn, 2008). Communication also forms an important role during these procedures and good verbal and non-verbal communication skills such as touch, listening, paraphrasing, questioning and body language help to make a trusting relationship,...

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