The Necessity Of An Online Degree Program For Colorado Generic University

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Purpose Statement
This proposal considers the necessity of an online degree program for Colorado Generic University. The proposal will address the components and costs associated with creating an online degree program along with the benefits gained. It will also look at the most comprehensive model to follow in this recommended action plan.
Needs Analysis
Student demographics and needs have changed dramatically. An increasing number of students attending universities today are working adults who desire a flexible and timely degree program. In order to best serve our students, Colorado Generic University needs to address the changing needs of students. The best way to meet student needs is to implement an online degree program. This needs to be done in a detailed and efficient manner, so that we are still providing the best customer service possible to our students. After hours of researching this topic, it has been determined that the most effective and comprehensive model to follow is the Robust Learning Model. This model addresses implementing an online program based on the four predictors of student learning needs. Establishing an online university program is not without cost; however, other universities that have done so have found the benefits outweigh the costs both in actual dollars and in filling student needs.
According to Neumann and Neumann, there are four predictors of student learning outcomes which need to be addressed in the creation of any university, but especially an online university. These four factors are student contact with faculty; engaging students in various cognitive activities; quality relevant program electives and courses that focus on student learning and success; and learning opportunities that go beyond traditional opportunities and encourage student’s independent learning. The Robust Learning Model (RLM) is comprehensive enough to apply to any degree program and takes into consideration every possible need in developing an online program. The RLM focuses both on the student and on effectiveness for the university. RLM also addresses the information technology component which is vital to the online program. The RLM is so comprehensive that providing every detail covered by the RLM is impossible in this proposal, but as we proceed on in developing the program the comprehensiveness of the model will be evident.
So encompassing is this model that it is possible to apply this model to any program or course of interest because it addresses components that are universal. These components can further be adjusted to match university standards and degree level. Student and faulty engagement and interaction are encouraged through threaded discussions. Faculty members are able to extend further avenues for learning and discussions by sharing in these threaded discussions clearing up any misconceptions and promoting further discussion. Consistency is the key in this model, which is...

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