The Necessity Of Anti Bullying Laws

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Bullying can lead to many unwanted, harmful consequences for both the t victim and tbe perpetrator. There are many actions that are considered bullying as well as many different types of bullying, yet bullying laws already in place seem to be only consider specific types of bullying. If more thorough laws were put into place, instances of bullying would decrease to some degree. Therefore, the state or federal government should put bullying prevention laws into place.
Bullying can take place in a variety of ways and is therefore difficult to find one exhaustive definition for. Susan Carter explains bullying as “a relationship problem involving repeated hostile actions that take place within a relationship characterized by a power differential” (156). She also differentiates between “innocuous and infrequent teasing” and “chronic bullying” (156). Also the origins of bullying are not always necessarily the same. Susan L. Johnson explains the beginnings of bullying as being due to “an unresolved conflict or power struggle” (57). If all conflicts are resolved, bullying incidents are less likely to occur. People do not always have the ability or willingness to solve conflicts on their own. If the state or federal government mandated that all conflicts be solved within a reasonable amount of time, instances of bullying would decrease. Another definition of bullying is “aggressive acts made with harmful intent, repeatedly inflicted by one or more students against another” (Drogin 679). Intending to harm others is cruel and if a law against it existed, people would realize that it is wrong and would be more likely to cease doing it.
Direct bullying is different than cyber bullying, yet both are still considered bullying. Direct bullying is described as occurring “when a person is subjected to physical violence such as kicking, slapping, and/or punching, or subjected to threats and name calling” (Garby 448). The difference between this definition of bullying and cyber bullying does not mean that cyber bullying it not still bullying. Cyber bullying is a type of bullying which is defined as occurring when “students use electronic means, including the use of Internet websites, chat rooms, instant messaging, text and picture messaging on phones and blogs to bully peers” (Drogin 679). Since some of these can occur anonymously, people would think that it was fine when in reality it is not. The states or federal government should put laws into place emphasizing this. Cyber bullying is a common type of bullying, as statistics show that “in 2000, 1 of 17 children ages 10 to 17 had been threatened or harassed online” (Drogin 679). Cyber bullying occurs so often because due to the anonymity of some of it, most people don’t realize that it is still considered bullying. Neal Geach defines online harassment as “harassment which occurs via the Internet” (242). This definition is broad and vague because the Internet is a big place. Therefore, many actions occurring...

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