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Do we need sleep? Is it important to our well-being? This question may bring many thoughts to each one of us. It may question everything that we thought we knew. Sleep helps the body function throughout the day. It is a vital thing to our health. Everyone needs sleep but for each and every one of us it is different. For younger kids the amount needed would be higher than it is for an adult. Without sleep we would not have enough energy to tackle the day. Sleep is a majestic thing that helps us relax and recharge ourselves. There are three main reasons why sleep is vital to our body, it allows the body to focus and make decisions, it helps the body to fight off virus and keep the body in ...view middle of the document...

This is not the only consequences of not sleeping well.
Another reason which getting enough sleep it vital to our bodies is that it can help prevent major accidents. Bad decisions can happened when thinking clearly is not an option. “Studies show that excessive sleepiness can hurt work performance” (Peri). This means that going with sleep can ruin the thinking process and cause disastrous decisions. Consequently many people do not know how much sleep is recommend for them since everyone has a different amount of sleep needed for their age group. Adults need around seven to eight hours of sleep however teens need nine to ten hours of sleep daily (“How Much sleep is enough?”). In other words adults need at least seven to eight hours to function well and concentrate on their task on hand if it is driving, making decision or even working. Consequently many people don’t get the correct amount of sleep needed to function this with ruined alertness can also cause severe health problems.
If wanting to live a long healthy life consider getting enough sleep. Many believe that losing a bit of sleep every night does not damage their overall life. This is unfortunately is not true sleep does cause severe health problems. “Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for Heart disease, Heart attack, Heart failure, Irregular heartbeat, High blood pressure, Stroke [and] Diabetes”(peri). In other words not receiving the recommend sleep can cause severe diseases. Not sleeping the recommended hours can also disrupt the immune system. When not sleeping well the immune system becomes venerable to viruses and diseases ("why lack of sleep"). Basically not getting enough sleep can make the immune system weak and unable to fight diseases and viruses. Therefore getting enough sleep can help to fight off viruses and help avert severe health problems.
One last effect of not getting enough sleeping is that it can cause depression in individuals and gain the body more weight. Sleeping has more consequence then you could have thought possible. “Given that a single sleepless night can make you irritable and moody the following day, it’s not surprising that chronic sleep debt may lead to long-term mood disorders like depression and anxiety”(“why lack of...

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