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The Need To Explain Leave Impression In An Interview

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As humans we feel the need to explain everything to ourselves and to others, we attribute cause to the events around us which gives us a sense of control. This 'need to explain' is helped through attribution theory argued by Robbins, Millet and Boyle which try to explain the ways in which we judge people differently, depending on the meaning we attribute to a given behavior . There are three different type of observations that we make when we attribute behavior to either external or internal sources being consensus, consistency and distinctiveness. Considering a case of job selection process, Sam arrives at an interview and sits down without greeting his employees. Now given due to research that humans pass judgment on to others in a matter of seconds it was obvious that Sam was to be judged on his first impressions. The employers base their judgment first considering Consensus, which being if other people put in Sam's shoes behave the same way or not. Secondly Distinctiveness considering if Sam behaves the same way in other circumstances or not. Lastly Consistency questioning if the behavior of Sam is of a long term one. High consistency, low distinctiveness and low consensus are results of behavior due to internal sources also known as 'dispositional attribution'. On the other hand high consistency, high consensus and high distinctiveness are sufficient explanation of external causes also known as 'situational attribution'

"In an interview situation, attributional processes are especially relevant in that a recruiters interpretation of information can determine the relative weight and importance of that information and subsequent decisions to hire" . In case of Rowan and his first interviewee Hagan the bias that will influence the most in Rowans decisions will be the Anchoring Bias which is a tendency to fixate on initial information from which one then fails to adequately adjust for subsequent information(Robbins, S. 2011). It's common human tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information offered(the anchor). In most cases this anchor is found through first impression in the interview but in Hagan's case this anchor was taken hold off by Rowan during Hagan's coaching where they had previously met. The anchor being that Hagan is a slacker is what Rowan will tend to fixate on to guide his view on not hiring Hagan. In case of Rowan and Merel, Stereotyping bias seems to be playing a major role. According to Robins, Millet and Boyle, Stereotyping is judging someone on the basis of one's perception of the group to which that person belongs(Robbins, S.2011). Stereotyping occurs because we rely on generalizations everyday which help us make decisions quickly in order to simplify this complex world. Rowans quick perception of Merel being hostile and unfriendly just based on the 'death metal band' clothes she was wearing was an example of stereotypical bias which is interfering with his decision to hire her.Sarah assumed...

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