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The Need To Promote Health Psychology As A Social Phenomenom

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In Health Psychology from the last decade, advances the decentralization of care provided by the NHS - National Health System and the need to promote health and to think the health-disease process as a social phenomenon. Thus, the concerns that led the investigation that is now present are rooted in social reality, from Social representations of the psychologist in the public health services. Hence the importance of reflecting on the imagery, based on common sense, the everyday experience of health professionals as well as public user who has faced numerous difficulties such as unemployment, poverty, and the great social inequalities, when there is increased production of subjectivity and evidence of increased demand by the psychologist, in public spaces. For a less elitist public psychology discusses relevant aspects about the differences in the process of anchoring the imaginary professionals and users, the psychologist’s role, the curriculum, the training, the role of psychology and social commitment as well as the importance of their active participation in proposing and designing public policies. Within the broad field of assignments and activities, the psychologist performs his/her functions and work tasks individually and in multidisciplinary teams, in private or public institutions, formal or informal social organizations in which his/her professional performance make it relevant.
According with the 54 divisions of the APA the psychologist is the professional within his/her specific, authorized to act on education, health, leisure, work, security, justice, community and communication to promote in their work, respect dignity and integrity of human beings. With so many possibilities for action, has the names: Clinical Psychologist, Labor Psychologist; Transit Psychologist, Educational Psychologist; Legal Psychologist, Sport Psychologist, Social Psychologist, and Psychologist as a teacher of Secondary Education and Higher, which requires a comprehensive general training and given the potential of the profession to promote health.
In health services, even with the explicit demand for a more public psychology, it appears also that the psychologist is predominantly in Clinical Psychology. There is a need to work toward the promotion of health using the technique and theoretical review, to not distort the psychological make. It requires a commitment to review the knowledge of psychology that is less politically naive and...

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