The Need To Smile... Essay

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THE NEED TO SMILEOrdinary day. Ordinary town. Ordinary people. I had to get away from this routine life. Everything in my life was great. Great family. Great mates. Great life. Everything was just great. And I hated it.Ever since I moved to this town I have been bored. Everything and everyone in this town was too predictable. I'd lived here for 23 years and I never had a problem. That's the bad thing. I needed some excitement in my life. I needed to find a new place. A new town where I could do exciting things, meet exciting people and… I stopped myself at that point. I figured there was no point thinking about things that weren't possible. 'Why think about dreams that could not be achieved,' I thought to myself. 'Even if I could, where would I go?' I pondered. Enough thinking. I sat down and switched on the T.V. All the normal channels. All the normal programs. Not much different to the story of my life. Then, as I was channel surfing, a new advertisement caught my eye. Everything seemed fun and amusing in the ad. Everyone was smiling… I never smile. Well not truthfully anyway. I smile when I see Mrs. Rogers in the morning, but that's not a real smile. A real smile is when you feel something, when you see something. That will never happen in this town. That's when I felt it. I felt the sudden urge to go. A gut feeling telling me that this was the time. The time to start a new life. It was time to smile. The thought of this almost brought a smirk to my face but not enough to satisfy me. I grabbed the car keys, headed for the door and the next thing I was on a plane to a new life. I had to leave my old one behind to be happy. I found a new house, an exciting habitat where I could not just...

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