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The Needs Of A Young Aspiring College Student Lee College English 1301 Essay

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Normally I would not talk about my needs to anyone, actually I don’t tell anyone anything about my personal life or needs. I am not the kind of person to just openly say it to just anyone that is willing to listen. I’m the type of person to keep quiet about myself until I believe that I can trust them. And even when I do trust them I would rather not talk about most things. But for this class I will, if only just a little bit of information.
So out of the five level’s of the human needs by Maslow. The one need that is least met in my life would be the fourth level, the esteem one. Now the five basic needs are as follows,
The first level, or bottom level, is the physiological needs which is the needs of food, water, warmth, rest ext. Now the second level of the pyramid is the safety needs, which are the needs for security and safety. The next level is the need of belongingness and love needs. This level is the need for intimate relationships, and friends. The fourth level is the esteem needs, which is the feeling of accomplishment and prestige. The last level is the need for self-actualization, which is the need for achieving one’s full potential, including creative activities.
So the reasons why the fourth level is not met in my life is because I never really longed or searched for that feeling of accomplishment. I’ve never been the kind of person to do stuff just for show/attention. I have only done things that I feel that I would like for myself, which has not been that many in my life. Other reason why...

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