The Negative Impact On Native Americans Caused By Settlers

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American Indians and Native Americans refer to the descendants of indigenous people who populated the North American continent for centuries previous to the arrival of European settlers. These native groups were arranged into tribes and nations. Each tribe or nation preserved long-held cultural traditions that were swayed by provincial and environmental indicators that differ among them, and the cultural customs of these tribes cannot be typecast into one pattern. They learned to hunt, fish, battle the severe weather conditions, construct shelters or housing, and grew grains. The entrance of Europeans meant a shortfall in farming, hunting, trapping, and fishing grounds.
There were numerous long-term effects on the Native Americans due to British colonization. One long-term outcome of colonization was altering the culture of a colonized region or people group; in countless cases an area was colonized by brute force. Ailments and diseases previously unheard of to Native Americans multiplied through villages, killing people. Also, the Europeans furnished alcohol to the native people, which proved extremely destructive. Another long-term effect on colonization came through religion. It meant changes in the everyday life of the tribes as the English wanted the native people to dispose of their spiritual values and become Christian. The Protestant Reformation was one of the peak freeing actions in history. The basic principle was that religion should be centered on the person, not on the influence or power of the Church. Social changes reshaped the concept of the self, thus the American Enlightenment and Great Awakening periods came into play. These were just some of the effects of the evolution of the socio-political milieu and Seven Year’s War and it is frequently seen as the basis of the bitterness between the English government and the colonists. This ultimately led to the American Revolution of 1775.
In 1776, Jefferson articulated the opinions in the minds and hearts of the American people. What Jefferson did was to recap this philosophy and he proposed a list of complaints against the King in order to give good reason for the breaking of ties between the colonies and the mother country, creating the Declaration of Independence. During the summer of 1787, the articles of the new Constitution were redrafted. Among the issues were how much authority to allow the central government, how many representatives in Congress to allow each state, and should the reps be elected by the people or by the legislators. The debates brought on disputes about the Constitution as drafted stating it would open the way to domination by the central government. A "bill of rights" was demanded and it would outline the protection of individual citizens.
George Washington thought that the expectations of the government needed the tolerance of the people. President Washington recognized the standard that influence over the administrative...

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